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rilla zoom inrilla tallrilla 5
Rilla is blooming!
She has 5 blooms, isn't she gorgeous!!!!!!
2/02/2006 Rilla Our Amaryllis  bulbs have sprouted!  We got them for christmas from Forrest's mommy.  Rilla is on shown on top(she's mine)  Mars is below, and yes he is bigger, but we're trying to change that!  They are growing really fast now that they've sprouted.      
12/18/2005 christmas cactus My Christmas cactus is blooming.  I've had her for over two years and this is the first time she's actually bloomed.  She's had buds a couple of times, but they've never opened.  Isn't she lovely?  I'm a little sad that she's not pinker, she's got somewhat of an orange tinge(unlike my mother's which is also blooming right now), but its very nice to have her blooming.
Christmas Cactus blooms
mom's christmas cactus Here's the bloom on my mother's.  They are sitting together having a cacti reunion as I brought mine home from Evanston to enjoy her blooms over Christmas.

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