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Photographs of life in Susaland.  

9/8/07Gabby with the bride and groomGabby after wedding.  We'll have more pictures up once we get the "real ones", but we had all the gabby and us ones to choose from on my camera.

We have real pictures now, most aren't up, but here are some of our favorites.
4/8/07Easter Bunny Day!Hopefully more to come soon.  (Forrest wore ears too!)   Do you like my tail?
2/24/07outing with knightsMedieval Times:
From left to right
Megan, Teddy, Me, Forrest, Mom, Dad.  Isn't my head piece the best?
12/24/06gabby stockingGabby's Stocking.  Click here to see more christmas pictures.
11/4/06 all of us
Teddy got married, ahh!!!!!
Greenfield, IN

Here's a link to some more pictures.  We don't have the officially good ones yet.
10/31/06 bug year!
Computer Bug
Spider and Lady Bug
Susa and Gabby
Luna Moth and Fancy Tux(non-bug)
Mom and Elvis
We were all bugs for halloween!
early october Forrest gifts Forrest had a birthday! 
He's my age again for another 7 months.
Here's a link to more Pictures.

8/19/06 All of us at the corn maze We went to the world's largest corn maze consisting of 10.7 miles of trails on 28.5 acres. Check out its website .
It's baseball themed this year and was really fun to wander about.  We hit all 24 check points and did the side little maze as well.
Here are pictures from our day there.
Susa, Althea, Forrest and Birrion in a tree
Forrest and I went to Idaho.  Click on this link to get more photo's.

From left to right: Althea, Forrest, Susa and Birrion
7/2/06-7/8/06 Sugar Loaf group

Michigan's Upper Peninsula:

Hopefully I'll add a link to more photo's in a while...

This picture was taken on top of Sugar loaf.

People on the trip:
Adults: My parents and the Maleys
Kids(all in their 20's): Teddy and Megan, Christina and Michael, Forrest and me.
Pets: Elvis, Leah, and of course Gabby.  (check out Gabby's Michigan page)
5/6/06 my new kittenkittens mommy
kitten on ride home
I got my kitten!  Kitten is shown twice, and her mother is also shown.  Her points will darken, but she'll never look like mommy.(mommy=seal point, baby=blue point)
Here's a link to Gabby's website.
5/3/06 presentspickles


cactijesse james
I had a birthday!

Here's me with Forrest, princess balloon, and presents.

Here's Pickles.

Here's a great link to a song you should hear!  I'm not sure how long this will remain a link, so hurry!

Here's me with Lilacs, and me with cake!

Here's me with cacti, and a jesse james bobble head.

Big present = kitten, its still on the way!
4/1/06 Society of Fruitarians I thought I should let everyone know that I've decided to become a Fruitarian.  I've thought my eating plants that die to be eaten was wrong for a long time, but have only recently discvered I can survive without eating them.  So basically I'll still eat anything that doesn't kill the plant.  So, that's pretty much all fruits, staples like flour, some vegetables(corn, tomatoes, but no mushrooms, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, beats,  or sugar cane(which means no sugar, ahhh) atleast things like maple syrup and honey are ok), etc.  In spite of being what is loosely called Fruitarian, I'm not vegan (I'm still eating milk and eggs as nothing dies for them)   Fortunately with this new philosophy I still get my pizza with banana and pineapple on top!!!  If you're interested in learning more about the my particular society of Fruitarians click on the picture at the left to link to their page.
Here are pictures of my triops.  The eggs were put in water last Thursday, they've just gotten big enough to photograph.  They're sort of like sea monkeys, but in freshwater.  (Three eyed crustaceans)

Norge ski jump
mom and forrest

Forrest, my mother and I went to watch a ski jump competition WITH NO SNOW! See the lovely green turf they ski on(even in July!)

Me with program tied to head to block out the glare of the sun(No, it didn't really work, but I thought the picture was amusing)

My mother and Forrest relax before skiing begins!

12/20/2005 hialeah Here's Teddy's new puppy(Hialeah)  She's only 5 weeks old, so we don't get to meet her yet.  She's shown here with her mother, Foxy(Megan's dog).
12/18/2005 I finally put up my Christmas tree.  Yes, It is reallly late for me, but we'll blame San Francisco I think.  It's nice to assign blame when I procrastinate!
12/18/2005 elvis stitches
Elvis had surgery 12/15/05.  Here are his stitches, it's like a 9 inch cut.  They removed a growth, which is off being biopsied.  Elvis seems to be doing well, he had a pain killer that made him all "happy", but he's off it now.  Still on restricted activity, but aren't his stitches gross?!  They did give him a Christmas bandanna to where.  Elvis is expecting better gifts this year due to convalescence.   

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