Susaland Links(Reality?)
Links to websites outside of Susaland(scary outside world): send me your websites and if  I like them I'll probably link to them.  You can also send me a logo if you want one. ~Susa  (Of course I'd love to be added as a link to yours as well)'s the Civil & Environmental Graduate Society Website
I'm the website administrator, hehe!
http://susa.stonedahl.comHere's my work website are some paintings of Gabby
Carleton People: Here's the site Forrest made me for Christmas 2005.  It'd rather embarressing, but really funny!
bumming This is a site of Forrest made.  It's amusing, although some what outdated as he's not being a bum right now.  :) Here's Neal's blog Here's another Forrest Site.  Its more of his current one if he ever gets it up there. Here's Elmo's blog. Here's a link Neal submitted.
Other People: Here's Forrest's Father's Website.  It includes a link to his pottery buisness and a blog of his life. Here's Forrest's alleged cousin's blog. Here's Barrington Stephanie's Blog
Check out this Cross-Stitch website.
realistitch cross stitch
This is one of my favorites, so its on this page too.

Send me your website and e-mail address, I'll hopefully add you as a link!