Gabby's Trip to the Upper Peninsula
My humans took me on vacation with them in July.  It was my first real vacation.  We went up to a beach near Marquette, MI.  The following pictures tell of my adventures, but I took a bit of liberty with the story and so the pictures aren't shown in chronological order.
Gabby in her bag That's me in the bag (see the close-up).  We're at a big waterfall.  I got to see it, but my humans failed to take me out of the bag for a good view.  I don't think they trusted me not to jump into it, but I'm not that crazy. Gabby in bag
Gabby at feet
When I wasn't in the cabin or in the bag, they would put my harness on and usually carry me down to the beach.  At first it was scary and I hid between my human's feet.
Then I discovered shade under a chair where I could watch this strange new place.
Sand Castle
My humans built me a sand castle.(I am a princess after all, so it was only fitting.)  And I dared to come out to explore it.  I dug in the sand and even investigated the water in the moat.
The gabber Gabby's log
I played in the grass near the edge of the beach and walked on a drift wood log.
(See how grown up I look, I'm about 4 months old)
Gabby over the water
Then I was carried out over the water.  I could tell the water was cold and it was loud. My humans think I'm a dog, which brings me to the other animals on the trip.  Leah a puppy a few months older than me, who likes swimming and Elvis a wise old dog, who had been to the beach many times before.  He liked barking at all the waves.

Leah Elvis at the beach
Leah swimming Elvis by the water

Gabby Pokes Elvis Elvis was so tired after our first day that I could sneak up and poke him!
Gabby house That evening my humans started to tape orange juice cartons together.  It was very strange. Eventually I decided they were making me a house.  It wasn't very sturdy, but it was interesting.
Before the Launch
It turned out I was wrong.  They weren't building a house.  They kept taping and it became a big flat rectangle, they called it a raft.  It was strong enough I could stand on it.
Gabby sits on raft Then to my surprise they placed the raft on Lake Superior with me on top of it!!!(to be fair they did first test it)  But I was still scared being surrounded by all that moving water.
Gabby rides out to sea
It was exhilarating though too.  I'm told not many cats ride on rafts, so I guess I'm special.  And of course I did get to be captain of the ship.
Gabby in sand
Eventually I reached dry land again!  Rafting wasn't quite my thing, but I really am a beach cat.
Gabby walks the beach Before the vacation ended I had many more days playing on my beach.   
Gabby sleeps
Then I rode home safely snuggled between my humans dreaming of more sandy adventures.
The End
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