Susa's Trip to Idaho Summer 2006
Lilypad in the mill pond
Lilypad with mountains
birrion water susa on a log welcome home
Birrion in the Mill Pond Susa on a Grouse Creek log Broken Balloon
Little White Ridinghood up in a tree
Little White Riding Hood Stuck in a tree by Art on the Green
Forrest at Grouse Creek Karline
Forrest at Grouse Creek Karline(Forrest's aunt) by Grouse Creek falls
water strider Forrest's mommy quail
Water Strider Water Sitter Quail
Samuelson Girls Fishy
fishy fishy
Fishy and the Samuelson Girls Best Fishy
Maggie Mooo hop little froggy
Maggie Moos Froggies should hop!
Forrest Jumping... Birrion
Forrest jumping Birrion getting very wet
butterfly Althea in fountain
Butterfly Forrest's mommy in a fountain
Tennis Birrion and Forrest
tennis tennis
Tennis The boys on the log
kettle corn creek sand castle
Kettle Corn Pebble collecting Sand Castle
Panhandle Pies piglets
Panhandler Pies Piglets
two water lily

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