Dear Santa,
           I haven't been completely good this year, but I'm really trying to stop biting the humans, I'm much better at not breaking things, and you have no idea how unreasonable they can be.  They won't let me outside by myself, they made me wear a hideous ladybug costume and they leave me alone with no one to play with (isn't that kitty neglect?).  Anyway I have a long list of things I want for Christmas.  I understand that you can't grant all of my wishes, but I thought I'd give you lots of ideas, so if you have extra time you won't wonder what you should do.  

Here's my list.

1 fleece blanket with as much or more quilt batting than Elvis's (I would actually like a crate, so I can be just like Elvis, but with instructions that they not lock me in)

1 stocking with my name on it.  You may pick between "Princess Gabrielle", "Gabrielle", and "Gabby" (you'll have to do this one or I'll have no where to recieve any of my gifts, but its ok if they don't all fit inside.  :) )

1 food scoop (to match my food goblet)

As many pet mice as you can get me.  (I'll try not to hurt them.  I have watched a turtle and several frogs and fish.  I think a mouse would be better and there is nothing for me to watch or play with like that in Evanston)
1 stuffed animal to stick out of my stocking.(additional stuffed animals are always welcome)

Something to chase.  I really like my Barrington stick with a string on it, so something like that for Evanston would be helpful.  My humans' can be very lazy, and it requires less work from them.

1 hammock.  I've heard some cats like to sleep in hammocks.  I may or may not, but I don't want to be underpriveledged and never get to try it.  

You can't go wrong with cash, stocks, CD's etc. 

A soft cat brush that would feel like a massage. (I think there is a purple cat shaped one.  Being a short haired siamese I don't need a wire brush.)

Lots of surprises! (things that move and make noise are great)

If I think of anything else I'll add it to the list later, so keep having your elves check back!

I think I will be at my Barrington address for Christmas, so please deliver my gifts there unless I let you know otherwise.  Also I may have trouble unwrapping real wrapping paper.  Elvis has advised me to request gifts be wrapped in tissue paper.  Also my human is against catnip, so please avoid it so my gifts don't get confiscated.

Your devoted kitten~ Princess Gabrielle